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Local tour guide in Athens Bozena Giampanis. Private tour guide in Athens.

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Bożena Giampanis
Description Bożena Giampanis , licencjonowany, polski przewodnik po Atenach. Bozena Giampanis , a licensed local tour guide in Athens.


Local tour guide in Athens Bozena Giampanis. Private tour guide in Athens.

Bozena Giampanis, licensed tour guide in Athens

Bozena Giampanis, licensed tour guide in Greece.

Hello from Athens. I am a resident and tour leader in Greece. Athens is my passion, love and place on Earth for over 20 years. In my free time I am happy to help travelers to know Athens and the country which is the cradle of European civilization. I offer help in organization and I promise interesting facts that you will not find in tourist guidebooks.

Discover Athens with a local tour guide who will show you the little known treasures of the country and the city and its surrounding areas. Get to know Athens better with a local guide. A local guide in the country who is committed to sharing his knowledge with you. He will introduce you to the undiscovered Athens. Go on a private walking tour of Athens, Greece. Take advantage of the experiences Athens offers you without exception. Get to know new places, new people. Experience the phenomenal atmosphere that can only be experienced in Athens Greece. Our Athens Greece guide will introduce you to places you won't find in any guidebook. Showing tourists and visitors around Athens in Greece is a hobby but also a way of life. For some time I have been involved in finding the unspoiled places of Athens that everyone dreams to experience. Now I can make them available to you. I will make it possible for you to experience more on your vacation in Athens, Greece. Experience what only people who live here know. People who know the local customs, culture, way of life because they live in Athens, Greece. They know how to communicate with the local people. Guidebooks and catalogs are a very valuable source of knowledge. Knowing the regional community I can convey and demonstrate much more. With a local tour guide, your vacation in Athens, Greece will be a new interesting adventure. With me you can be in places that are not on the beaten track. You can experience the regional cuisine, rituals. Get acquainted with the native cuisine, rituals of Athens. I will tell you about what only local guides know about Athens. Private tours in Athens, Greece, with a local guide is my area of expertise and experience.

If you want to experience the culture in an unconventional way, it is extraordinary that you have found yourself here. Polish Tour Guide Athens, is my livelihood. Ever since I can remember I have been enthusiastically realizing my passion, which is to bring the history and culture and attractions of Athens, which is my place of my life. Although I live in this place and realize myself professionally, this place permanently knows how to amaze me with its mysteries. I am enchanted by the history of Athens, the surrounding area, the spectacular atmosphere and above all the members of the local Athens community, who are helpful also honest.

Local tour guide in Athens Bozena Giampanis. Private tour guide in Athens.

Exploring the attractions with a good Polish tourist guide about Athens is like solving an interesting mystery. To enjoy Athens completely, it is not enough to discover the recommended beautiful places. Only a local Polish tourist guide about Athens will be willing to give you a countless number of the greatest, sensational inspiring experiences of your time spent there. For a local Polish tourist guide can only become a person who idolizes spending time among people. It is her overwhelming passion. Athens is an interesting experience for the sake of human relations. Therefore, only because of the Polish tourist guide you have the opportunity to feel the faithful atmosphere of the city, to notice the city in its natural shape, as perceived by the citizens.

Exploring places with a Polish tourist guide about Atany will undoubtedly bring you benefits. First of all, you can expect service in your language. You have the opportunity to talk freely with a Polish tourist guide. You can ask questions, make suggestions and your private comments. This is because hiring a Polish tour guide about Atany allows you to flexibly and individually adapt your exploration program to your abilities also personal needs. My involvement in our getting to know Athens together will guarantee you a superbly thought out time of your walking tour with a Polish tour guide. It is very significant that I also know the customs as well as the local sense of humor, I have the ability to tune the character as well as form of knowledge communication to your requirements. I will recommend you to find extraordinary attractions, not only those known from tourist catalogs, but those that the locals idolize. You will have the opportunity to treat yourself to local cuisine in the most famous restaurants or bars. I'll show you the mysterious backstreets that stun you with their unique atmosphere. I will show you for what reason I so incredibly idolize this city.

So Athens invites you to take this impressive adventure. Let this atmosphere of Athens and the local aura,mood fascinate you. I can guarantee you that it will become a thrilling experience, which will consolidate in only sympathetic facts. I will provide you with your own knowledge of the beautiful events unique also the history of Athens and discover for you what causes unforgettable emotions.

Local tour guide in Athens Bozena Giampanis. Private tour guide in Athens.

  • Dinner and socializing on the steps of Mnisikleous Street
  • Search for deals at Monastiraki and the Flea Market
  • Wandering through the districts of Pláka and Anafiotika
  • Olympieion: Temple of Zeus Olympios
  • Panathenaic Stadium and the Olympic Stadium
  • Roman Agora and Hadrian's Library
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Ancient Agora: Ruins of a marketplace
  • Ancient Acropolis Sightseeing Tour
  • The Changing of the Guard at Syntagma Square
  • National Gardens and the Zappeion
  • Panaghia Kapnikaréa Church
  • Church of the Holy Apostles
  • Museum of Cycladic Art
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Acropolis Museum

Polish, Greek, English

Local tour guide in Athens.

Sightseeing in Athens with a local tour guide.

Athens local tour guide in English.

Sightseeing in Athens with a local tour guide.

Bozena Giampanis, licensed, local tour guide in Athens.

Bozena Giampanis, licensed, local tour guide in Greece.

Local tour guide in Athens Bozena Giampanis. Private tour guide in Athens.

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