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Local tour guide in Paris Barbara Malet. Paris attractions

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Description A local tour guide with a mission: to make its knowledge accessible to travelers by accompanying tourists who want to explore the city and its surroundings. Ad added by Odyseos, a portal for local tour guides.


Local tour guide in Paris Barbara Malet. Paris attractions

Barbara Malet local tour guide in Paris. Local tour guide in France.

Discover Paris with a local tour guide who will show you little known treasures in the country and the city and surrounding areas. Get to know Paris better with a local tour guide. A person who knows the country and the city will gladly share his knowledge with you. He or she will discover the unknown Paris for you. Go on a private little tour of Paris, France. Without exception, take advantage of the options that Paris has to offer. Explore new places, fascinating people. Feel the phenomenal atmosphere that you can experience only in Paris, France. Local tour guide in Paris in France will introduce you to places that you will not find about Paris and France in any guidebook. Showing places to tourists and visitors to Paris in France is a hobby, but also a way of life. For a long time I have been presenting the discreet places of Paris, which everyone dreams of discovering. At this moment, I can demonstrate them to you. I will allow you to experience more in your vacation in Paris, France. Experience what only people who live here know. People who know the local customs, culture, way of life because they live in Paris, France. They know how to communicate with the local people. Local tour guides are a very valuable source of information. Knowing the local population can tell and present much more. With a local tour guide, a vacation in Paris, France is an adventure of a lifetime that you will not forget. With me you can be in places that are not on the beaten track. You can get to know the indigenous cuisine, customs. Get to know the indigenous cuisine, customs of Paris. I will introduce you to what only local tour guides know about Paris and France. Tours in Paris, France, with a local tour guide is my profession and passion.

Paris tours with a local tour guide.

As a Paris tour guide I will show you the attractions of Paris.

Paris attractions, is the name of one of the tours prepared by me for tourists. The route may include:

  • - Notre Dame Cathedral one of the symbols of Paris. It is the heart of Paris.
  • - The Eiffel Tower on the Champs de Mars, is another symbol of Paris. The Eiffel Tower was built for the World's Fair in 1889. The premise was that the tower should be more than 1000 feet tall.
  • - Consent Square where the spire from Egypt stands. Consent Square encloses the Champs Elysees to the east, the Avenue des Champs Elysees. The square itself, outside the obelisk of Ramses II, comes from a temple in Luxor. It was carved in the 13th century BC.
  • - La Defense district - a modern business district. The Grand Arch of la Defense is located here.
  • - Louvre Museum, is the most visited museum in the world. You can see in the Louvre Nike of Samothrace and Venus de Milo. Also Mone Lise.
  • - Galleria Lafayette- an example of a beautiful department store. There is an observation deck on the building that offers a view of Paris.
  • - Luxembourg Palace and Gardens, now the senta of the Republic of France is located here. The Luxembourg Palace was modeled after the Pitti Palace in Florence.
  • - Center Pompidou - the perfect place for art lovers. At the Centre Pompidou you will find contemporary art.
  • - Moulin Rouge, (Red Mill)the world's most famous cabaret. The Moulin Rouge is located in Montmart, just west of Pigalle Square.
  • - Champs-Elysees, Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The most famous avenue in Paris. The Avenue des Champs-Elysees are almost 2 km long. They connect Place de la Concorde with Place de Charles de Gaulle.
  • - The Arc de Triomphe - its construction was commissioned by Napoléon after the battle of Austerlitz in 1805. The reliefs on the supports of the arch depict the battles of Napoleon and the events of the French Revolution. The Arc de Triomphe is located on the Place Charles de Gaulle.
  • - Museum d'Orsay, Musee d'Orsay - The museum is located in a former train station. The museum houses over 4,000 pieces of art.
  • - Sainte Chapelle - located on the Cite. Regular music concerts are held here.
  • - Pere-Lachaise Cemetery - one of the most famous necropolises.
  • - Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Sacre-Coeur - is located on a hill in the Montmartre district.

These are just suggestions. Attractions in Paris are much more. Everyone can find here something for himself.

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Barbara Malet local tour guide in Paris.

Barbara Malet local tour guide in France.

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