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Local tour guide New York City Pim Philip. New York City guide.

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Local tour guide New York City Pim Philip. New York City guide.

New York City is a unique neighborhood. It has tourist surprises as well as events to offer that you won't find elsewhere. Local tourist guide New York City, I invite you to join me in exploring and also exploring the ever-changing, surprising place that is New York City. My fate and also tourist passions are permanently connected with this enclave. In view of this, for as long as I can remember I have been successfully fulfilling myself as a Local tourist guide of New York City. I believe that the most important thing is constantly the people and also the attractions in which we live. Thanks to the fact that I stay here and work here professionally, I have managed not only to get to know every charming nook and cranny of New York City, but most of all to get to know the spirit of this building, its inhabitants and also the atmosphere here.

Not necessarily the one who knows the language and can identify the most attractive buildings, turns out to be an interesting Local tourist guide of New York City. And to enable like good memories of the trip you need much more. Above all, it is nice that you have sympathy for people, know how to listen to them and have a conversation with them. The right Local tourist guide New York City is a person who has met them in detail, lives in the country, fulfills professionally and functions in the local community. A tourist guide can point out every corner, and also knows understands how members of the public exist. Only a tourist guide knows how to demonstrate New York City to both those who are here for the first time and tourists who are waiting to discover new mysteries.

Viewing the neighborhood with a Local New York City tour guide will definitely bring you to get cool emotions. Especially you can expect service in your language. You have the ability to talk freely with a Local tour guide. You can ask questions, make suggestions and your personal requests. Hiring a Local tour guide in New York City allows you to freely and also individually adjust your tour program to your expectations and also subjective dreams. My contribution to our viewing New York City together will be to provide you with a flawlessly designed tour time with a Local tour guide. It is very important that I also comprehend the legacy and local sense of humor, I have the ability to match the nature and type of knowledge communication to your goals. I will advise you to discover unique corners, not only those known from tourist guides, but those that the locals love. You will have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine in the most popular restaurants or bars. I will demonstrate to you the mysterious nooks and crannies that dazzle you with their unique atmosphere. I will try to show you why I love this city so much.

If you decide to take a trip to such a mysterious place as New York City, I encourage you to use my Local New York City tour guide services. I will share with you my passion and knowledge about this beautiful place. For your sake, you will learn all the secrets also the qualities of New York City, and the trip will turn out to be an unforgettable adventure for you, to which you will eagerly return with memories.

Local tour guide New York City Pim Philip. New York City guide.

New York City's top attractions

  • TIMES SQUARE. Big screens with brightly coloured adverts flickering on them, traffic, yellow taxis - this is the image that usually comes to mind when hearing the phrase 'Times Square'. This New York City square used to be called Longacre Square. It was renamed in 1904, when the editorial office of the New York City Times moved into the New York City Times Building (now One Times Square). Times Square owes more than just its name to the newspaper. The newspaper's owner was instrumental in getting an underground station built here. Every year, crowds of New York Cityers greet the New Year in Times Square.
  • CENTRAL PARK. In the heart of Manhattan is the most famous park in New York City - Central Park. It resembles a huge, symmetrical green island. The pace at which New York City City has grown has contributed to its creation. The city authorities carved out a green area to prevent the neighbourhood from turning into a concrete jungle. In Central Park, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Tranquillity is most easily found in the quiet zone - Sheep Meadow. The name is no coincidence - the meadow was once a sheep grazing area. The largest body of water in the park is the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir - a comfortable jogging trail has been laid out around it. The Strawberry Fields are hugely popular with tourists. They are located opposite the flat block where John Lennon lived. W
  • FIFTH AVENUE. Fifth Avenue is the most representative and one of the richest streets in Midtown Manhattan. The world's most famous designers, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace and Prada, have their boutiques here. Fifth Avenue has become a symbol of the affluent part of New York City. Initially, wealthy New York Cityers only bought flats here. The first typical commercial building was constructed in the early 20th century. Since then, the avenue has quickly developed into the world's most recognisable and most expensive shopping street.
  • STATUE OF LIBERTY. The great statue on Liberty Island is actually named Liberty Enlightening the World. It is a world-famous symbol of New York City, the United States and freedom. The Statue of Liberty was erected between 1884 and 1886 and was co-designed by the French sculptor Frederic August Bartholdi, the French engineer Gustave Eiffel (responsible for the structure) and the American architect Richard Morris Hunt (author of the pedestal). The statue itself of a woman holding a torch in her right hand and in her left hand a plaque bearing the date of the independence of the United States was created by Bartholdi. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French government to mark the centenary of the Declaration of Independence. There is a viewing point at the crown. The island can be reached by ferry. A ticket including a round-trip fare and access to the terrace costs US$21. Tickets can be booked at www.statuecruises.com. There is a viewing point at the crown of the Statue of Liberty.
  • EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. The Empire State Building can certainly be considered one of the most recognisable symbols of New York City. It is known from many films - including 'King Kong' and 'Sleepless in Seattle'. The skyscraper opened on 1 May 1931. Its construction took barely 58 weeks. It is quite an achievement - after all, it has 102 floors and measures 381 m (including the antenna on the roof - over 443 m). For several decades it was the tallest building in the world. To ascend to the 86th floor costs US$32. To also enter the observation deck on the 102nd floor, one has to pay USD 52.
  • METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. This is the oldest and largest museum in the United States. Since 1880, it has been located on Fifth Avenue, on the edge of Central Park (it was founded a decade earlier). Among the collections are paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, costumes and even weapons. The collection includes the heritage of ancient Egypt and Greece, Byzantium, African and Asian countries, works by European masters and American art. Works by Giotto, Botticelli, Raphael, Monet, Renoir, van Gogh, Rembrandt or Vermeer, among others, can be admired here.
  • WALL STREET. This is another of New York City's most recognisable streets. It is also a symbol of capitalism. The centrepiece of Wall Street is Federal Hall. Since the early 18th century, it housed New York City City Hall. It was here that the US Constitution was adopted and George Washington was proclaimed the first president. However, the original building was demolished in 1812. The modern building dates from 1842. Inside, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States can be admired in glass cases. The New York City Stock Exchange building is also an attraction. In 1989, an American sculptor of Italian origin, Arturo Di Modica, illegally placed a bronze sculpture of a bull, known as the Charging Bull, here. The bull, which today sits in Bowling Green Park, has become a symbol of Wall Street.
  • BROOKLYN BRIDGE. This is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the world. Its construction was completed in 1883. The Brooklyn Bridge runs over the East River Strait and connects the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The bridge measures just over 1.8 km in length. It features a pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. The Brooklyn Bridge has a presence in pop culture, having 'featured' in films such as Godzilla, I Am Legend and series such as Sex in the City.
  • Broadway is a street in Manhattan. The name is also used to describe the complex of dozens of theatres located along it. The first theatre on Broadway was built in the mid-18th century. In the English-speaking world, it is one of the most important centres of the performing arts; among tourists, it is one of New York City's greatest attractions.
  • CONEY ISLAND. For some the capital of kitsch, for others a temple of entertainment. Coney Island is a peninsula and residential district. It has a wide, sandy beach along which stretches a wooden promenade - the Riegelmann Boardwalk. It is teeming with bars and restaurants. Entry to the beach is free. New York Cityers and tourists are also attracted by the famous Luna Park (the first attractions appeared as early as the 19th century) and the New York City Aquarium.

Local tour guide New York City Pim Philip. New York City guide.

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Local tour guide New York City Pim Philip. New York City guide.

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