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Local tour guide in Dresden Karolina Borowska. Attractions in Dresden.

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Description A local tour guide with a mission: to make its knowledge accessible to travelers by accompanying tourists who want to explore the city and its surroundings. Ad added by Odyseos, a portal for local tour guides.


Local tour guide in Dresden Karolina Borowska. Attractions in Dresden.

Karolina Borowska licensed local tour guide in Dresden. Dresden sightseeing tour with a tour guide.

Tour guide Karolina Borowski, I offer you guided tours in Dresden and in the near beautiful surroundings of Dresden.

Dresden has enchanted me many times. Who would have thought when I was a little girl with my parents on a trip to Dresden that one day I would live here? Somehow I kept being drawn here and finally settled here permanently.

In the last 20 years I have witnessed the great restoration of Dresden's historic buildings such as the castle, St. Mary's Church, the New Market Square etc. which has fascinated me. I began to immerse myself in the interesting and compelling history of Dresden. In this way I came across many connections between the history of Saxony and the history of Poland which are the content of my guided tours.

Discover Dresden with a local tour guide who will show you treasures in the country and in the city and its lands not described in guidebooks. Experience more of Dresden with a local tour guide. A local guide in the country who will gladly share his knowledge with you. He will show you a different Dresden. Go on a private tour of Dresden and Saxony. Make the most of the unforgettable moments that Dresden presents to you. Discover new places and unusual people. Experience the unique atmosphere that can only be experienced in Dresden in Saxony. local tour guide in Dresden and Saxony will show you places you won't find in travel books about Dresden. Showing tourists and visitors around Dresden and Saxony is a passion, despite that it is also a way of life. For a long time I have been presenting discreet places in Dresden which everyone would like to see. At this moment I can show them to you. I will enable you to experience more during your vacations in Dresden and Saxony. To experience what only people who live here know. People who know the local customs, culture and way of life because they live in Dresden, Saxony. They know how to communicate with the local community. Guidebooks and brochures are a very valuable source of knowledge. Knowing the local community I can tell and demonstrate much more. With a local tour guide your free time in Dresden and Saxony will be a new interesting adventure for a long time. With me you can be in places which are not on the beaten track. You can get to know the local cuisine, rituals. Get to know the local cuisine, customs in Dresden . I will tell you about what only local guides know about Dresden . Local tours in Dresden and Saxony are one of my passions and specialties.

Attractions of Dresden

  • The Elbe river, a Central European stream that rises in the Czech Republic,
  • Procession of Princes, links Neumarkt and Schlossplatz squares
  • Royal Palace, today it is a museum complex for Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.
  • Frauenkirche and Neumarkt Square, Dresden's most famous symbol
  • Sanctissimae Trinitatis Cathedral, Saxony's largest ecclesiastical building.
  • Semper Opera House, one of the world's loveliest, the residence and main venue for Dresden's Saxon State Orchestra.
  • Zwinger Palace, the most significant building of the late Baroque
  • Brühl's Terrace, the most architecturally beautiful section of the Elbe's banks in Dresden
  • Golden Horseman, shows Elector Friedrich August I, Augustus the Strong,
  • Garten park, Dresden is blessed with a number of parks
  • Kulturpalast, an iconic piece of East German communist-era architecture
  • Bundeswehr Military History Museum, to get a handle on warfare in general, but also on German military history
  • Loschwitz, a Dresden suburb
  • Blue Wonder Bridge, a wonder of engineering in the aforementioned Loschwitz area of town

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 Guided tours in Dresden with local tour guide.

Guided tours in Dresden in English language.

Sightseeing tours in Dresden with local tour guide.

Individual sightseeing tours in Dresden with local tour guide.

Tour guide in Dresden in English language.

Dresden tour guide in English language.

Karolina Borowska licensed local tour guide in Dresden.

Dresden sightseeing with a guide.

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