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Local travel agency in Crete. Magda Tokarska and Marek Tokarski. Attractions of Crete

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Description A local tour guide with a mission: to make its knowledge accessible to travelers by accompanying tourists who want to explore the city and its surroundings. Ad added by Odyseos, a portal for local tour guides.


Local travel agency in Crete. Magda Tokarska and Marek Tokarski. Attractions of Crete

Magda Tokarska and Marek Tokarski, local travel agency in Crete.

Walking has always been our passion. Since we moved to Crete, it has also become our way of life. By creating a fanpage on FB, a website and finally a travel company called CRETE YOUR LIFE (license number 1041E70000298201) we have taken a big challenge and at the same time a commitment to our clients, which is best expressed in the mission of our project.

In the offer you will find our Cretan walks and all the information regarding the level of difficulty and duration. We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Discover Crete with a local tour guide who will show you the treasures not described in guidebooks in the country and the city and its surrounding areas. Experience more of Crete with a local tour guide. A local guide in the country who will gladly share his knowledge with you. He will introduce you to the surprising Crete. Go on a private tour of Crete. Take full advantage of the options that Crete has to offer you. Discover new places, new people. Feel the phenomenal atmosphere that can only be experienced in Crete. English speaking guide to Crete will reveal to you the places you will not find about Crete in travel books. Presenting local places to tourists and visitors to Crete is a passion, but also a way of life. I have long been involved in finding discreet places in Crete that everyone would like to experience.

Today I can show them to you. I will provide you with more unique experiences on holidays in Crete. Experience what only locals know about the place. People who know the local customs, culture, habits because they live in Crete. They know how to communicate with the local people. Guidebooks and brochures are a very valuable source of knowledge. Knowing the local community I can convey and present much more. With a local tour guide, vacation in Crete will be a new interesting adventure. With me you can be in places off the beaten track. You can get to know the local cuisine, rituals. Get to know the regional cuisine, customs in Crete. I will introduce you to what only local guides know about Crete. Tours in Crete, is my area of expertise and experience.

Agios Vasileiou Mourne 74 053

Magda Tokarska and Marek Tokarski, local Travel Agency in Crete

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