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Local tour guide Tuscany Susanna Mantovani. Tuscany private tour guide

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Local tour guide Tuscany Susanna Mantovani. Tuscany private tour guide

Tuscany is a unique attraction. It has attractions and events to offer that you won't find elsewhere. Local tour guide Tuscany, I encourage you to visit together and also explore the ever-changing, surprising place that is Tuscany. My fate and tourist passions are permanently connected with this place. Therefore, I have been successfully working as a Local tourist guide in Tuscany for years. I believe that the most important thing is always the people and attractions where we live. Due to the fact that I live and work here, I have managed not only to get to know every delightful corner of Tuscany, but in particular to capture the atmosphere of this corner, the people and the aura that prevails here.

Exploring places with a reliable Local Tuscany travel guide is like solving an appealing mystery. To enjoy Tuscany completely, it is not enough to visit the well-known architectural symbols. Only an urban Local tour guide of Tuscany will be willing to give you a mass of the greatest, peculiarly inspiring sightseeing experiences. Because a local Local tourist guide can only become a person who loves to stay among people. It is her intense passion. Tuscany is an interesting experience for human relations. Therefore, it is only through a Local tourist guide that you have the opportunity to feel the overwhelming character of the city, to experience it as the locals understand it.

Discovering the attractions with a Local tourist guide of Tuscany will certainly give you positive results. First of all, you can expect to be served in your language. You have the opportunity to speak freely with a Local tourist guide. You can ask questions, make suggestions of your own as well. Hiring a Local tour guide for Tuscany allows you to flexibly and also personally agree on a sightseeing scheme to suit your possibilities also your individual suggestions. My involvement in our joint exploration of Tuscany will enable you to have an excellently thought-out time on your walking tour with a Local tour guide. It is very significant that I also understand the heritage also the local sense of humour, I have the ability to adapt the nature also the type of message to your objectives. I will recommend you to visit unique corners, not only those known from tourist brochures, but also those loved by locals. You will have the chance to taste indigenous cuisine in the most famous restaurants or bars. I will introduce you to enigmatic backstreets that dazzle you with their unique colours. I will prove to you why I like this city so much.

I therefore invite you to find what is most beautiful and valuable in Tuscany. Certainly, the unique atmosphere and the characteristics of this place will become part of your memories. I will enable you to get to know and understand precisely the unique values of Tuscany and also to get to know it properly.

Local tour guide Tuscany Susanna Mantovani. Tuscany private tour guide

What to see in Tuscany?

  • Balze del Valdarno - Tuscany's strangest valley. On the other side of the region, nature has created an almost unbelievable creation, le Balze del Valdarno near Regello. Take a look at this extraordinary landscape, and now imagine that it was all once underwater! The whole area was still a lake in the Pliocene, and the present conical balze are nothing more than the still eroding sediments of that lake.
  • Butteri della Maremma. When you think that nothing else in Tuscany can surprise you, you must go to Maremma. Again, this is a completely different Tuscany. And yet, there they are and they are called butteri. Their story began in the 14th and 15th centuries, when military mercenaries found themselves without work. So they used their skills to earn a living as cowboys. They ride on horseback and look after the local cattle, using a special stick with a hook, called a mazzarella, to herd them.
  • Chianti - in the land of vineyards and olive groves. Chianti's wine landscapes as far as the eye can see. The work in the vineyard is hard, the vines demand attention, conversation, love, and the silvery olive leaves are already yearning for company to bear beautiful and healthy fruit.
  • Crete Senesi - beautiful Tuscany. The slightly quirky Crete Senesi stands in contrast to the green hills of Chianti. It is rather reminiscent of a moonscape, but in the end it is the only desert in Italy. Its uniqueness and beauty are absolutely not lacking.
  • Elba - the most beautiful island in Tuscany. Tuscany is a land famous above all for the beauty of the interior, meanwhile many seek respite by the sea here. And in this area, too, nature has not spared Tuscany its riches.
  • Florence - the queen of Tuscany. For once in your life, Florence is a must-see. It's worth staying overnight here, take a room with a view of the city and enjoy Florence in the morning and evening. Get up early in the morning, grab a coffee at a nearby bar and admire the city before it is flooded by masses of tourists. It's now that you can meet the city's inhabitants, catch a glimpse of their lives, their morning rituals, before everything gets mixed up.
  • In the land of Carrara marble. The peaks of the mountains rising above Carrara give the impression of being snow-covered. However, the reason for this colour is not the snow, but the marble workings. Carrara is famous throughout the world for the marble quarried here. Its particular beauty lies in the beautiful arrangement of colours and intricate veining.
  • Mugello, a land to the north of Florence. It's a somewhat mysterious part of Tuscany, neighbouring Emilia Romagna, so the features of both regions blend wonderfully. It is definitely Tuscany for lovers of nature, mountain hikes, rushing rivers, chestnut trees, in a word, the Mugello landscape is full of forests and their goodness.
  • Once called the little Jerusalem, Pitigliano simply has to be seen. Already from afar, the town makes a remarkable impression. Built on volcanic rock - tufa - it has its colour and texture. Its properties are magnificent; you can dig into its cavities, cellars and channels. Unfortunately, the trouble is at the same time, this rock starts to crumble and fall over time, so the town also falls apart a little.
  • Relaxing Terme di Saturnia. After tales of cowboys leading cattle through marshes amidst the Mediterranean scrub, you might get a little tired. Therefore, it's time to relax. I know of at least 5 thermal springs in Tuscany that are available completely free of charge, you just need to know of their existence and the location on the map is a small thing.
  • San Gimignano - a medieval Manhattan. Manhattan of the Middle Ages, that's how San Gimignano is described. There aren't many towers left here anymore, but the town is still incredibly impressive. As if that wasn't enough, there is the famous ice cream parlour Gelateria Dondoli, which has won the title of best ice cream in the world several times.
  • Siena and its colour. One of the most wonderful cities in Tuscany with a shell-shaped square that they cover with sand twice a year holding a murderous Palio race. You have to be there at the time to understand the emotion of the square, you have to be a Sienese to understand the struggle for the honour of the district, birthplace and destiny at the same time.
  • The Abbey of Sant'Antimo. The Montalcino area is famous for its extraordinary sites shrouded in legend, such as Sant'Antimo - austere, even mysterious, it resounds with Gregorian chants.
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Not to be missed among the Tuscan experiences is a visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Apart from its deviation from the vertical, hundreds of photos taken, find a moment to have a close look at it. It is built with great attention to detail, just like the other buildings in the square. I wholeheartedly recommend climbing the tower if at all possible.
  • The Monte Argentario peninsula. For those who prefer to stay on land, however, another star of the sea, rocks and blue sky emerges, the Monte Argentario peninsula. With its many hidden coves, cliffs and beaches, the best idea is to rent a boat here and circumnavigate this overlooked place. Time passes differently here, definitely lazier, but in the evenings life springs to life, so be sure to visit Porto Santo Stefano.
  • The silence of the Garfagnana mountains. And it's time again for a very different Tuscany. How many faces does this region have? In truth, Tuscany continues to surprise with its otherness.
  • Val d'Orcia - the most beautiful valley in Tuscany. See the most beautiful cypress roads of the Val d'Orcia, villas on the hills shrouded in morning mist, lonely chapels and painterly landscapes of waving crops. The spring green of Tuscany turns golden in summer and the fields are filled with large bales. In autumn, all the varieties of brown of the earth convey the full picture of the richness of the land.
  • Once the Garfagnana has given itself a little familiarity and the soul has craved entertainment, it's time to head for the Versilia coast. With sandy beaches stretching for miles, the view of the mountains is only distant. The most famous is Viareggio.

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Local tour guide Tuscany Susanna Mantovani. Tuscany private tour guide

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