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Guide tour in Padua and Italy Kasia Boratyn. Padua's attractions

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Guide tour in Padua and Italy Kasia Boratyn. Padua's attractions

Kasia Boratyn Polish licensed guide in Padua and Italy

Greetings! I am a master of art history, a graduate of the Venetian Ca' Foscari University.

I propose to visit Padua - the city of stars together. This is how I call it, because on the one hand, it is here that Giotto moved from the golden, Byzantine vaults to a vault covered with grenades and stars, the blue firmament, which has become a real revolution in thought. On the other hand, this city attracted real stars of religious life, art, literature or science: St. Anthony, Donatello, Dante, Petrarch, Giotto, Galileo and, of course, our intellectual elites: Nicolaus Copernicus, Jan Kochanowski, Jan Zamoyski and many other Poles. Do you want to listen to their stories while strolling through the arcades of this still student town?

Every corner of the city is filled with the lives of these characters and memories of revolutionary scientific achievements.

I have qualifications in Polish, English, French and Italian.

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Kasia Boratyn

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