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Local tour guide in Cuba. Maciej Adam Lopez. Attractions of Cuba

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Local tour guide in Cuba. Maciej Adam Lopez. Attractions of Cuba.

Maciej Adam Lopez, licensed local tour guide in Cuba.


My name is Maciej Adam Lopez, I am Cuban and travel enthusiast. My father is Cuban and my mother is Polish. Together with my siblings, I spent most of my life in Cuba.

That's why I would like to share with you my knowledge about culture, traditions, folklore and cuisine. I would also like to help you in different situations that may occur during your stay in this beautiful country.

I started my passion as a guide in 2001 but I found myself in Cuba, a country which I know like the back of my hand and I like to share this knowledge with people from all over the world.

I cooperate with other guides, creating an amazing team of people who love this beautiful country.

Polish, English, Spanish

Discover Cuba with a local tour guide in Cuba who will suggest hidden treasures in the country and the city and surrounding areas. Experience more while visiting Cuba with a local tour guide in Cuba. A native of the country and city who will be happy to share his knowledge with you. He will show you the surprising of Cuba. Go on a private optional tour of Cuba. Take advantage of every potential that Cuba presents to you. Explore new places, fascinating people. Feel the unique atmosphere that can only be experienced in Cuba. Local tour guide in Cuba will introduce you to locations you won't find in travel books. Showing places to tourists and visitors in Cuba is a passion, but above all a way of life. For some time now, I've been finding unspoiled places in Cuba that everyone would like to experience. Now I can introduce them to you. I will guarantee you more interesting experiences during your vacation in Cuba. Experience what only people who live here know. People who know local customs, culture and way of life because they live in Cuba. They are able to communicate with the local community. Guidebooks and catalogs are very valuable sources of knowledge. Knowing the local community, I can convey and show much more. With a local tour guide in Cuba, a vacations in Cuba will be an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. With me you can be in places off the beaten track. You can discover native cuisine and customs. Get to know the regional cuisine, customs of Cuba. I will tell you about what only local guides know about Cuba. Optional tours in Cuba, are my area of expertise and experience.

Maciej Adam Lopez

Piotr Reicher

Joanna Castro

Polish, English, Spanish

Local tour guide in Cuba. Maciej Adam Lopez. Vacations in Cuba.

M.: + 53 753 798 588







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Language English, Polish, Spanish


Hawana, Cuba

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